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With the advent of the new contury, we are enteringin a new world order in technological research and development. At the institution, we are deeply concious of the challenges and responsibilities that this techniques of education not only to face the ever-evolving challenges but also to be progressively creative through scientific research.

I warmly welcome our freshers of the BSIPS and hope that they will enjoy the high quality education imparted in its various disciplines and upon its foundation build a great future for themselves. Discover the special qualities of BSIPS and the unique opportunities for learning and growing.

(Dr. Balram Singh)

Bhagwant Singh Institute of professional Studies (BSIPS), Thakurdwara established in the academic year 2009-10. It is located in Thakurdwara (A Tehsil of Moradabad District), in the area of 10117.15 sq. Mts. There is plenty of work environment and the campus is free of noise, dust and other pollution, even though it is located in the limits of the city. It is well connected by road and situated at Moradabad-Kashipur-Ramnagar highway. BSIPS is one of the best learning center of professional education of the city. The primary motive of the BSIPS is to " Train Young men & women able and eager to create and put into action such ideas, methods, techniques and information."
BSIPS is created with the aim of developing and pursuing programs to ensure that eligible students who desire to expand their skills for professional growth have the opportunity to do so. Our students learn to build and create the world they live in through entrepreneurship, course work, research and practical work experience. A world for the students of this institute-uphold the dignity and integrity of this institute, strive sincerely to acheve your goal in life, do your studies systematically and work hard. hard work always pays. he seed of hard work which you sow today will help you to reap abundantly in future. I end wish note of hope that ou institute will grow to greater heights in the coming year. i wish all success.